New Viziv-7 Concept Going into Production

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While other automakers have been contributing to the SUV and crossover segment for a while now, Subaru has, oddly, managed to avoid the SUV class altogether—until now. The brand brought a new Viziv-7 Concept to the Los Angeles Auto Show in the United States recently, where it showed off the new large three-row SUV to garner interest for its anticipated arrival sometime within the next few years.

The Viziv-7 already has already been greenlit for production, and for good reason: with space for seven passengers in a full-size SUV under a brand name that’s already revered for off-road performance, there’s no reason why the Viziv-7 wouldn’t head for the production line. The Viziv-7 isn’t just spacious and capable, either: it also features a handsome and attractive design that bespoke its modern appeal.

The new Viziv-7 concept might see some design changes between now and when it hits the mainstream market, but the fact remains that Subaru is venturing into a segment they’ve never experimented with before. Insiders are already speculating the success of the Viziv-7 could herald the appearance of a smaller midsize five-seater SUV, too. We won’t know for a year or two, however, as the Viziv-7 is said to hit markets around early 2018. While you’re waiting, why not stop by Hawk Subaru in Joliet, IL to check out our most recent inventory!

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