How to Prepare Your Car for Winter

Winter is closing in, as evidenced by the colder weather, which means now is the time to take the proper steps to ensure your car runs all season long. Fresh oil is a rather obvious part of routine maintenance but there are some critical components your likely forgetting about. Here’s how to prepare your car for winter from us here at Hawk Subaru! Stay warm out there!

  • Headlights – If you can’t see, you can’t really drive safely. Clean your headlights thoroughly and take the time to switch out any burnt bulbs. Doing so will ensure you can see the road as well as make your vehicle visible to other drivers. That alone could save your from a nasty accident this winter.
  • Tires – The amount of tread left on your tires determines how well your vehicle handles on slick roads. If your vehicle doesn’t have much in terms of tire tread, it’s probably time for a new set. Tires with more tread grip the road better, providing better traction on ice- and snow-covered pavement.
  • Wiper Blades – New wiper blades can go a long way in a snowstorm. Ice-resistant blades are best for colder climates but new are better than old. New wipers will increase visibility, allowing you to spot obstacles before it’s too late.

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