3 Unsolved Illinois Mysteries

Illinois is a state with a long and proud history. With such a rich past, Illinois is guaranteed to have its own share of myths and urban legends, some of which have never been solved! To learn more about the unexplained events that have happened in various parts of the state, read about these three unsolved Illinois mysteries.

Colonel Clark’s Lost Silver

This mystery dates back to the earliest days of the country, during the Revolutionary War. Colonel George Rogers Clark asked Governor Patrick Henry for the money to fund a covert attack on the British troops in the Illinois territory. Henry gave Clark the silver he needed, and Clark buried a portion of the proceeds as an emergency fund if anything went wrong. The military operation was a success, but when Colonel Clark returned to dig up the buried silver, the flooded Mississippi River had hidden it or removed it from the area entirely.

The Rockford Lights

Over the years, several different residents in the Rockford metropolitan area have reported seeing strange lights up in the sky at night. Could these be a natural phenomenon or rather something from another world entirely?

Lake Michigan Monster

Illinois has supposedly been home to several strange creatures, but none are as strange as the Lake Michigan Monster. Continually sighted off the coast of Lake Michigan, this creature is said to be up to 50 feet in length!

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