Subaru Helps Sponsor the Google Expeditions Pioneer Program

One of the best reasons to buy a Subaru is to help you reach any destination. Unfortunately, not everyone can reach any destination they want to. This is especially true in the world of education. Whether due to monetary costs or the inability to travel to a given location, bringing the school on a field trip can be difficult. Instead, Subaru has partnered with Google to create a way to bring the field trip to the school!

According to a press release from Subaru, Subaru has agreed to help sponsor the Google Expeditions Pioneer Program.

The Google Expeditions Pioneer Program is an initiative by Google to use virtual reality technology to transport students in classrooms to various destinations.

Using digital phones and Google Cardboard, teachers can take their students on a virtual field trip that doesn’t require leaving the classroom at all.

The Pioneer Program has been launched in six states across the country, as well as in Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, and the United Kingdom.

“Subaru is proud to support Google in helping to bring rich, innovative and educational learning experiences to students around the globe,” said Alan Bethke, Subaru of America’s vice president of marketing. “We saw an opportunity to create excitement for adventure in the classroom, while lending our zero-landfill passions to help ensure that the planet’s wonders, like our National Parks, will remain for future generations.”

Thanks to Google and Subaru, students don’t even need a permission slip to head out on an exciting and educational field trip!

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