Organizing a Charity Carwash: How to Get the Best Donations

organizing a charity carwash

Thinking about organizing a charity carwash? Consider some of the following tips and tricks to help you have the most efficient, most profitable, and best event around. Much like Subaru’s charitable events and programs—like the Share the Love event and its partnership with the ASPCA—charity carwashes are a great way to raise money for those in need.

According to WikiHow, the first step is finding workers. Generally, car washes require at least five people. If you plan on adding more, consider finding large spaces that can accommodate multiple cars at once. It is best to have a sign-up sheet so you can easily find out who’s interested. It’s also important to make sure that everyone involved is truly committed, and that they won’t disappear at the last minute.

Next, choose a date and time that is conducive to car washing. Usually, a streak of hot weather in mid-summer is the best time. Some people like to have multiple signups over several days to help accommodate for rainy weather.

Find a location. This can be difficult, but many churches and schools may let you set up a car wash if you explain what the charity is for. You want to set up near a busy road if possible, with easy access and plenty of space. Also, having access to a hose is usually a must.

Determining the cost can be tricky, though most people start around $5 in order to be competitive. Consider having special offers for waxing or vacuuming as well. Above all, let customers know that you accept donations!

In addition to creating posters and advertising, try to have at least one person interacting with passersby. An adult at a street corner with a sign is a great way to get drivers interested.

Finally, consider pre-selling tickets—and get money up front. Most people just want to give you a donation, and many won’t show up despite having bought a ticket. This can save you on overhead costs, and it can also be a more convenient way for people to donate.

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