Fun Things to Do With a Dollar Bill

Fun Things to Do With a Dollar Bill


Fun Things to Do With a Dollar Bill

What do we do with a dollar bill? Well, we crumple it up, shove it in our wallet, or sometimes we forget about it or feed it to a vending machine. But what are some fun things to do with a dollar bill?


Track It

Have you seen stamps on some of the dollar bills you’ve gotten? Those represent a dollar bill that’s part of a database called “Where’s George?” You can enter your dollar bill and send it on its way, then follow its journey across the U.S.!

Science Experiment

Watch this instruction video and do your own experiment! Covering a dollar bill in a mixture of water and rubbing alcohol will make it appear as if it’s burning when it’s lit, but at the end, you’ll still have a dollar bill!

Discover Conspiracy Theories

With a dollar bill in hand, you can watch a lengthy but fun video detailing some pretty crazy conspiracy theories about why the symbols on the dollar bill are there.

Use it as a Bookmark

You always seem to be searching for a bookmark, so why not use that extra dollar bill? You can even make an origami bookmark out of it!

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