How to Lower the Carbon Footprint of Your Car

Lower the Carbon Footprint of Your Car


When you’re behind the wheel, you might be thinking about reducing gas-related spending but also about reducing your impact on the environment. Fortunately, the two almost always go hand in hand. Get started by checking our tips on how to lower the carbon footprint of your car.

Proper Inflation

Keeping your tires properly inflated can do a lot for your fuel economy, saving you up to 400 – 700 pounds of CO2 each year. Check your owner’s manual for proper PSI.

Better Driving Habits

You might be getting less MPG than expected because of your driving habits. If you accelerate slowly, drive the speed limit, keep a steady speed, and come to slow stops instead of jolting stops, you could save more than one ton of CO2 per year.


Keeping up with maintenance can save you more on gas than you thought and reduce your carbon footprint. Go in for regular checks to make sure you engine and everything under the hood is operating properly. Things to regularly replace that’ll increase your economy include your air filter, oil filter, and fuel filter.

Ultimately, however, the best way to reduce your carbon footprint is to drive an environmentally-friendly vehicle! Check out some of our hybrid and electric vehicles at Hawk Subaru!

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