Subaru STI Concepts Biggest Thing To Hit Tokyo Since Godzilla

It’s happening the world over but you should still know that Subaru is poised to unveil a couple really cool concepts. Both concepts were designed and engineered by Subaru Tecnica International (STI), the automaker’s performance wing.

One of the models being flaunted at the Tokyo Auto Salon is the Subaru XV Hybrid STI. It is based on the Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid. According to Motor Authority, the concept will features lots of cool performance enhancements to “improve the ride quality and stability.”

The other concept is the Subaru Levorg STI. This is based on an Impreza station wagon that is not currently sold in the US. The Levorg STI will feature “18-inch wheels, a special front fascia, and a two-tone red-and-black interior.”

As is always the question with concepts, will we see these STI concepts on the showroom floor anytime soon…or ever? Most likely not but you never know. At very least, as Motor Authority points out, it might mean more available STI performance parts!

STI Concepts

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