New Year Resolutions for Drivers

New Year Resolutions for Drivers

The Sparks Will Fly With Your Vehicle This Year

Creating a challenging New Year resolution can be a bit difficult, especially for people who are seemingly always on the road. Fortunately, there are plenty of bad habits to kick while driving as well. Take a challenge involving your car in 2017. Here are a few great New Year resolutions for drivers recommended by us here at Hawk Subaru. Happy New Year!

  • Idling – There’s no way around it. Idling wastes gas. Leaving your car to idle wastes money and hurts the environment. The best way to warm up your car is by driving normally, not leaving it run in the driveway. Most engines are ready to roll in 30 seconds so there’s little point in letting your car run for 10 minutes or more.
  • Efficiency – Having a lead foot leads to unnecessarily wasting gas. It’s a habit that many drivers need to kick but few ever do. Make it a personal challenge to slow down and increase your efficiency during 2017. You’ll save a fair bit of money in the process as well!
  • Maintenance – Keeping up with routine car maintenance is a challenge in itself for drivers with little time or money. Check your vehicle’s service schedule, make appointments, and take the time to keep your vehicle in proper working order! Doing so could save you from some hefty repair bills in the futu

How do you like our tips? Let all of us know at Hawk Subaru in the comments below, or stop by at our dealership in Joilet, IL. We’d love to see you!

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